Saturday, September 20, 2014

Perennial Perplexity

Too callow is the mind and data tall
To make good sense of anything at all
Hurling defined darts at fuzzy specters
Lifting random words from random lectures
Preying on the plumage of the hour
Unclear who'd be willfully devoured
Substituting truth with the subjective
Wondering where a soul becomes elective
Stretching circles into malformed squares
Gleaning more than our allotted shares
Listening to a caption marked concision
Staring at a sky that veils its mission
And what is right, I've not the faintest clue
And where to go, I swear that once I knew

Friday, September 12, 2014

Two Faces

There is something in the silence here that quells that human ache
I rebound through the nothingness, by pressure's ebb it breaks
The mind is but a wave upon a mad magician's screen
Assembling things half understood by yesterday's half-dreams
In every joy, in every thought, perspective has its turn
And from the life of all that shines, dwells something else that burns
Janus is the god of Earth, there is no other deity
Just borrowed lies in blandest times from contemporaneity
And echoes of a progress men can hardly come to harness
Interred within the rubble of your murderers and martyrs
The roots of which are deeper than your chic and shallow ideals
Masked by tangled language but technically just flywheels
In all their silly slogans encrypted I note a murmur
Of a weighty undertow that drowns out all their misplaced fervor
For even in rare metals that encase the race's magic
There is something hidden still that seems so destined for the tragic

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pray Fall Too Sweet Seeds Into Tomorrow

The days are eating at the root
Invasive to the soul
Purer than the world
Withering, flaking, fading out the color
By my existence
Oppressive as the shroud
Heavy as the gloom
Darker than the death
Of insignificant things
Of trifling matters
And simpler natures
And verdant beauty
At its core quite homely
Puzzlingly unpuzzling
Empty like the head unfed
Surrendering its logic
To the more impressive
In its selection
Yet how undiscerning is it in itself
And each inspired creation
Oh every ramification
Multiplying thought
Answers nihil
The tree seems but a skeleton now
Perhaps some day a stump
Whither are thy refulgent blossoms
Thy charming florets
Thy better parts
Thy higher limbs once hallowed
Falling is my glory
Gone the fibrous network, so delicate, cerebral
Buried by the earth
Swallowed by the cold
Feeding on our love
Oh, pray fall too sweet seeds
To feed the famished
To thaw the frozen
To shade the blistered
To salve the sorrow, to blunt the harshness, to take even bits away
From the all pervasive blight
Whose rotten scent, and twisted sense, whose all-encompassing milieu
Mark the hollowest of eras
Who creeps into and out of anything
And takes through life from life but everything
Must nothing of it come?
Oh, pray fall too sweet seeds into tomorrow
Into the heart, into some being

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Of Subtle Portents

Squeezed like an orange into juice
Pinched like a nut on the loose
Lost like the road, caught in the mode
Life in a puzzle out the clues

Spiked like a liquor into punch
Vised 'twixt my doubt and a hunch
Bought by the state, leased half the rate
Creaks hushful hint of a crunch

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Gem Of Life

Every day I'm introduced to a new misery
A new joy
Thrust from nowhere
But perspective
Perspective, just an idea
That somehow wed a feeling
And thrust itself from somewhere
But nowhere
Another sight
Of piercing half reflections
Infinite facets are there
To the gem of life
And every face I've seen
Another beauty
Another day
Another thought uncovered
And covered back over
Withholding something
But leaving quite enough
So as to forbid a grudge
Oh every corner
Every interstitial nook
Holds a flash of light
And another orphic image
Precious and unique
A shred of wisdom cut
The mind the lapidary
Abrading 'way the residue
Chipping 'way each imperfection
Leaving me a vision
Of total clarity
Half known
Half mystery
Half is all we've got of what we get
But it's mine, all mine
So it's in my pocket then
'nd now my eye

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Our Nature Is Our Future

Out into the heavy August twilight
Against the men they claim have wronged their kind
In doing so they've drawn a bolder line
In order to redeem their gloom by firefight
In the end just what could help there lies

Human causes are not mere equations
But if they were, thoughts would be their laws
'nd behind every wrong would sit her flaws
And not the type of everyday creation
For which half the kind might find applause

Witness now the aching culmination
Hypocrisy so hot it it has them lit
Though parasites so dim they never quit
Oh before man's ordeals reach fulmination
The underlying chemistry must fit

For no man gets a letter in a language
He didn't speak before so could receive
And by its diction and syntax retrieve
A meaning to provoke such human anguish
'nd a retort so mad the sane would scarce believe

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Yes, Quite Enough

I would not argue art out of its color
Or substance from the contribution made
I do not think less oft' yields something fuller
Or in the end that all within must fade

I have not space for simple sentiments though
Profound words can resemble merest fluff
And a life on fair reflection will convey lo
To die but as a man is quite enough