Friday, January 23, 2015

The Utopia That Never Was

Life'd be a jaunt 'round the isle of my pleasure
On blue derm of a face fairly rare
No aegis of warmth would surround something lesser
Though angels do sometimes seek despair
If love was the kind of potion so written
That the heart was the king of our whims
'nd once imbibed then intestinally smitten
The smack did not so often dim
If all of their talents ran to my clumsy fingers
Without so much as a strain
And passion flowed forth like the bellow of singers
From my soul streamed apt, fragrant refrain
And the maze of my mind held the light of belief
That guides men astray gaily
In one thought alone lay for me arrant relief
From a fog of bad cues daily
If life'd be a jaunt 'round the isle of my pleasure
I'm not still quite so sure I'd be pleased
The bank's running juice might not yield any pressure
But my mind might as well be deceased
Because without the trial there's surely no wisdom
And no value if it all's only play
Needed behind the scene is a heart's imposed rhythm
So each bit gets revenge in its day

Saturday, January 17, 2015

What We Are

There's what we claim and what we are
And we run wider than the word
To fetch as well in time afar
Meaning beyond all that we heard
Bury turbans and their wearers
Like old conceit by modern ken
Reduce false prophets and their heirs
To bust only but rock again
But if the sea should sweep me 'way
The ocean surely'd shed a tear
A loss like ours could salt a bay
A love in worth and weight so dear
Though if I stood behind the door
And prostrated myself to you
Oh would it alter what we're for
Or every deed that we must do
Won't tides' deaf toil still settle right
Reflecting all of God's good bars
A bluff that'd prove by bronze moonlight
The mundane spume 'neath what we are

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Sweet Similitude

The range on the plane is climbing it's growing
Red sauce, salty cheese, crumbling crust
The temp has been turned, the oven is going
But I am the same as I was

Technology yearns more than the commons
And marches too forward in lust
Seems everything changes more so by the day
But my heart is the same as it was

Culture and art are frantically transforming
'nd slow stoic logic can't keep up
Darwin's been buried, his angels are swarming
But God is the same as he was

The state today's captive by tyrants and thieves
Now no sane man does not question love
And the Earth's in a place that no sage hath foreseen
But the race is the same as it was

Monday, January 12, 2015

Satan's Halls

Cycle me in seas of deep dejection
Emotions steeped in blues, their variations
Through reds of rage and pinks of fair affection
Back to pelagic shoals of life's creation
Green sheathed as promised lands I can't imagine
Say soon I'll grasp a daring with the gall
To leave behind the barer darker fathoms
I'm stifled in the maze of Satan's halls
Pour the ice upon my known shortcomings
Add injustice to the goblet's contents
Subtracting in the negative is summing
Bind me by oath to gain those deeper fault vents
And flourish like a peacock wholly gallant
As brilliant tones explode forth from my pallet

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Into Oblivion

One unit at a time
Defines decomposition
Physical as well as moral
Thrust into the ether
Another lost soul
But more was lost than just the alpha
Perhaps too the beta
For as you dwindled proportionally so did your worth
And by others that much was likewise claimed
And in so doing they squandered their own in like proportion
One line at a time
Over then forgotten
Like the pettiest trifle
Of childhood
And onto another frontier
To pass over and through
The numbing elixir
The temporary ecstasy
Whatsoever be your preference
Or whosoever
Selfish converts
Bequeathed to posterity
In consequence
Not quite inhumane
But neither quite humane
I miss you so
Whoever you are
You boundless, nameless ones
I once knew
Who may not have yet trekked
Beyond that ultimate horizon
All must
But yet are ever flirting with it
In some sense
Being well beyond all others
In mind and spirit
And character and value
One shade at a time, further you go
We go
One boundary
By one boundary
Cast into another state
Restraint behind
Memory fleeing
Fading into oblivion

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Madly In Love Again

Waltzed 'round in the bliss of my wandering fits
But I'm madly in love again
And I toured the town, where I almost drowned
But I'm madly in love again, again

Saw a quite false smile, in the interim while
I almost could pretend
And from a half connection, back to circumspection
I'm madly in love again

And the mind deceives when the heart believes
But cheap tricks seldom win
The mind uncovers and distinguishes lovers
Ahh, I'm madly in love again, again

So no devil made me, 'cuz there's just one lady
Who could ever make me bend
Now in all I see there's a shade of thee
And I'm madly in love again

Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Folly Of Nostradamus

I envy those well fitted
Nature to environment
Enjoining without friction
Amenable to silliness
And every contemptible human want
No madness present
For madness is but a wondrous will
At odds with circumstance
Or so a poet once wrote
And where is the solitary will for wondering
There looking in
Just clarity
And a future comforting
A beauty basic
Clear out complexity
But what is here
But opposition
A kind apart, distinct
Entrancing though poisonous
Coated in the iridescent shimmer
Of the Aurora
An art and a design so genuine it shuns the private
But is private of necessity
The truth in full remember
Is not a human want
Oh to see
And women will
But oh to feel
I will, I will
How uncertainty brings worry
Ineluctably, inescapably
And how much more acute
For the deeper depths are darker always
Thus that much more a risk
In them are boundless potentialities and permutations
And their corresponding innumerable ineffably horrible possible products
Dizzy me
They rattle me so
And for too many of us
Our future hides half dormant
Beyond that storied dance of light
Crackling up from campfires
Oh, in the calm of winter
Leaping from man's hands
Yet nearly in them
And buried in his soul
But beyond his sight
Lies our destiny
Out there in the heavens
Of our being
And occluded
A great mystery
That riddles us
Even to our end
And cruelly, oh so cruelly
For it's only ever disclosed
By time that's never ours