Friday, December 19, 2014

Stolen Goods

Strong armed once again
With nary a protest of significance
The timid are the most despicable of victims
For their crime
Furthers not their victimhood, but diminishes it
Helpless and disgusting
Pacifists will be owned, dominated
By the practical
And why not
Insanity is ignoring one's circumstance
And so perpetuating it
Hail your feudal lords
Your oligarchs
Your bankers
Your more valuable men
A people get in a democracy
Exactly the government they deserve
No more no less
Together with your earnings
Goes the soul earned privately
Stolen, stripped
As in days of yore
By a government of naked might
Also stolen
Out its design and sovereignty
That dares to draw comparisons
That do not hold water or weight or anything substantive
Between aiding the poor and securing the rich
As in a state-enforced monopoly
Blabber on about legitimacy
And rights and truths and so on and so forth
All is wind and vapor and airy nothingness
Without valor
That's the cement
The barricade which would shut out tyranny
Without which decline is inevitable
And parasites from every corner of the earth will invade
Social and economic and every type of pest imaginable
Annunciating, mumbling, distinctly, indistinctly
It matters not
Force though ugly's necessary
Rights and truths are defended
By the frigid and fixed eyes of the courageous
Though how it is directed yields its good
Speak, fight, resist, struggle
Have you forgotten
America, how have you forgotten
The throes of thy birth
Warring everywhere else, globally, randomly, for what
For a past forgotten
For a land forsaken
Ignoring the true enemy that has now surrounded you
Do you not remember Washington
No man is better than another in such a way or to such a degree, that he has the right to rule over another without that other man's consent
No matter how much more learned or opulent or powerful
Supposedly or genuinely
All men are equal in this very particular and essential respect, in their natural rights to determine their own destinies
Is that not what he really meant
Could he have meant what he said literally or absolutely
Surely he was a sane man
Look at your nation now
Debate not the glory of a nation
Which is in no way glorious
And likely never was
Beyond the plutocrats and overlords
Who pander to the preferred fictions of the rabble for votes
There's nothing to deny now
Submit, you have
Torturous and mad
Crude and backward
And without so much as a moral principle left around here
Except the state's prescriptions
Politically Correct
Imposing equal outcomes on a starkly unequal world
Beautifully unequal
Evolution itself depends upon it
Marxist and antiquated
Watchful are all masters
For even an iron grip may slip
If the propaganda that is its palm is too unctuous
And the ideals that are its fingers wobble
See the hackneyed, mindless, dogmatic hand of ideology everywhere
As it settles in and daily terrorizes the spirit of the people, becomes systemic, self-fulfilling, self-reinforcing and an affront to freedom everywhere
Like a boa around the body politic
Each time one relents it is tighter
Tyranny is tyranny
Totalitarianism is totalitarianism
No matter what they say
The media, the power structure, whoever
The pundits that would deny it
And the papers
But they're captive, assets all of the corporate caste
Who have disenfranchised you
As they keep your eyes focused on false enemies
Though you're partially enfranchised
Just enough they cede
Parasites are clever too
Crumbs to keep the host alive
Leftovers for the slaves and servants
Whatever to keep you docile
You black gorillas, you brown ants, you inbred white trash imbeciles, the masses, the easily governed, the easily channeled, the ruleless ruly, those easily distracted and consumed by Hollywood's or any brutal spectacle for that matter
Cowards all, fools each
Believing passionately in choice and freedom
Does not make either so
When does mere belief ever
But in your blessed contentment
How could you forfeit moderate luxury for martyrdom
I don't blame you
You're no less immoral to be sure, but at least understandable
Piled deep in resources
Like landfills in the Orient
Stacked high as their Himalayan backdrop or is it the ionosphere
Buried, smothered in electronics and fancies of a Western civilization that has long since lost its way
But it changes nothing of the truth
And a vassal is a vassal
No matter how extensive his wisdom
Or his delusions
And no matter how pleasurable and privileged
Or unyieldingly oppressive
Be his existence

The Race Is On

Will man outstrip technology
By cruelty's disproportion
Or bury all his maladies
By industry so awesome
And how does one consider
The things to sacrifice
The suffering to induce
To forge a finer life
Because bitter's only bitter
Without the overcoming
Oh, what is to deduce
When even for the cunning
Uncertainty can certainly
Be too much for the living
And at times as currently
You see how unforgiving

Thursday, December 18, 2014

My Father's Gift

Upon my heart mounted your stele
I worshipped its prescriptions
In every word I'd feel
Beyond my frail dimensions
That face alone held my attention

A mind that spanned the heavens
A love of boundless light
Such humor of sincere delight
That no sorrow could lessen
Through mouth true wit streamed wrong or right

Oh carnal were my genes
Like history's ghastly scenes
But divine hands alone decide redemption
And so you cast my mean to sheer pristine
By ways thy fables mentioned

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Other Half

Oh, glance upon the space you occupy
We're consumed by the depth we self-create
With infinite points therein to divide
The head is in this sense a double fate
Another chamber for the force of life
The complementary half to every cause
Here truth even the mind can not yet thwart
Perspective is the mood that beameth light
Each wanting love flows from a hollow heart
And nature shan't defy its loyal laws
So, likewise all the soul that you impart
Shall mark the world distinctly by your paws

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Geologic Time

This face is but a rock devoured
My marble's mourning, my sheen is going
Patience, there's no more caustic power
Sweet crust sour time thou's ever owing
How certain debts may break thy bonds
They cut and rub and corrode truly
And though you go, you're never gone
Ascent may still expose your beauty
In bulk we're buried by the pressure
Each day myself more near reduced
But how my soul still fights the dimming
Behold the beat, my crystal brimming
If life be but a piece of earth
By finer flint I'll raise my worth

Friday, December 5, 2014

The Passing

A breeze is time beyond my face
Each day but air do I beseech
Oh, grant my steps a righter pace
With dreams that flit beyond my reach
How few tonight do I remember
How many more at morn' unseen
They're cloaked in clouds of breadth and mind
Now scattered ash of tempered embers
As castles tall and regal queens
Like all the world I'm left behind
But not therewith, life's only thee

Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Holiday Season

Each revolution means as much through space this stone
As space upon the earth
Between the hearts I've known
As sand slips through their worth
Recall your wayward, splendid tones
And oh this time of year
The leaves and life are gone
Just snow is building here
And sorrow is the song
The instrument still fear
Though the magnitude of pain
Accretes much as the white
Shall all connections wane
A foreign family congregates in sight
Upon the glistening trees a blight
Lo, each curious sound
Reflects a childhood
Lost forever now
Smoldering like the wood
Left crumbling, wondering how
And lingering laughter knows
How the heartbeat goes
The dwindling skull
And heart less full
In fluids which those numerous winters froze
They're lacking like the parts
That make an engine start
Or give design
To every line
That maketh merely shapes fine art
I'm twice the man I was
The tag but human love
It acheth so
The halting flow
The time becameth mud
And trapped me in its depth
At every end I wept
The shades of time
Almost sublime
Assessing what is left