Friday, June 19, 2015

Going Of Age

A steady hum of silence
A pining still for violence
For thrills and thralls
For gibes and calls
And youthful men's defiance

The drumbeat is dejecting
Though who around's defecting
The numbing ages
The center pages
The forced, sterile inspecting

You never know the feeling
Until the years are peeling
And you're the fruit
Though far less cute
And healthful than the real thing

By the pace of natural
Dryer than the chaparral
Reticence clear
It's endemic here
Where tedium's a hassle

And only does it deepen
As obligations creep in
They drag on time
The plan's a crime
B't some thefts are for the keeping

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Summer Slog

I claimed once boredom was an idle mind
But in retrospect was it quite maligned
And cultures grow in the stillest dish
Like a mind declines out a fish to fish
The tropic waves they drift in slow
And suppress the head and addle the soul
Split the spry, creative force
From pious work, damn the divorce
For the septic rage accreting now
In compulsions cache, or the folding brow
And by the fall the barren heap
Shall gain no more but earn the sleep

Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day

Remembering the spiral of insanity
Blasts shredding through casein-like human limbs
Spinning lunacy to rationality
We forged a mystic peace the gloom to dim
Remember when they said it'd be the last
The war that'd surely end all future wars
Hardly ten parades approached then past
With camo'd sons their pledge flew out the door
Murderers that vassals call commanders
Business plans pitched as pure enterprises
Wheelchairs and wrecked minds, how man meanders
Through rue cut vales he scours honor's prizes
All about their hearts burst for the laid
But never mind the string of errors made

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Ecce Puer

Years by the average
Pounds by the ravage
Earth does more than corporeal molding
Engrossed in the willing
The scrapping and killing
Of a church that dilutes while consoling
But oh, in your cradle, is mine, and you're able
To supply e'er my peace for the toll
Your eyes are the color
Of heaven but fuller
Than the infinite and everything true
From the fragilest hands
Shoot severe reprimands
For all that's less pure than are you
And my boy in your cradle, is mine, and you're able
To supply scarce solace for the toll
And next to you sleeping
Comes a poem nearly weeping
In a mirth once interred in a chest
Yes, long ago stored
In the armor of wars
Now returned by angelic behest
Oh, and in your cradle, is mine, and you're able
To supply e'er my peace for the toll
No matter the blame, it went when you came
You are the god that men owe

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Grinding

Something upon the horizon yet
A speck, a fleck, not divided yet
A stone, a stone I lifted it
Torqued and ached and shifted it
All day beneath the golden coin
And spent for 'morrow tender loins
Monotony may now define me
And perhaps us all by diviner timing
Say where has my thesaurus gone
The rest of it hath trampled on
By force, by force not all mine own
'Tis but the balance borne alone
Hidden well's the quarry sought
And happy trails palates but brought
I've never quite imbibed the thrills
Of common fools and famous quills
Who grayed the shades of possible
When conjured here they're volatile
Upon my back just quanta mount
And all of you they slowly count
Go pray, oh pray there's no reverse
The ballad read's reduced to terse
So azure shed a god's repast
Before I trip to lie at last

Friday, April 10, 2015

To A Red Dressed Lady

Wounded young, you bled slow
Drugs they'd stanch the flow
For moments, frozen and ephemeral
And every phony mineral
Has its cost, has its play
Helps style the fade for fading 'way
Damaged children, elder trials
Now naught's complete on thy gray isle
All which fills filled you to half
The world removed yet in your path
A harsh reminder of human relations
And what related solely latent
So you caged yourself in shadows
Safe from social arrows
And lashing tongues
And mouths that sung
Songs of youthful tremors
That only you remember
Wounded young, you bled slow
And out you went, we watched you go
A supple mind, a gaunter figure
Remote and ashen, warning timber
In gossamer whispers by tenderer sadness
A sense not quite at ease with gladness
A soul that never matured to comfort
With a coarser being, so one went under
A duel, by rule, rules who'll exist
Some things can not both grace god's list
And as in eras long ago
Have doctors bled their cursed foes
No, shattered hearts and faceted sand
Distort to nix the honest scan
B'cause in the end you were your own
Began like every ill at home
And all the cotton gauze they bought
'Twas only but a passing thought
'nd though briefly did it halt the flow
Still out you went, we watched you go

Monday, April 6, 2015

Stores Of Wrath

Poseidon, Zeus, Helios, Apollo
'round the circle jerk they swallow
Anything and everything discarded
Following the trail of the retarded
Pray who worships who it ain't that clear
Aye, who's the fucking kaffir here
Any toxins you might need dissolved
Our designs brothels for what might need resolved
Offload on us all of your excesses
Our industry always much impresses
Though know that what's unknown's a venial sin
But it's not so for shameful discipline
Modern man he knows not temperance
Believes science can govern comeuppance
In labs and piles of prismatic pills
In ingenious minds and endless wills
He'll turn a pool of filth to vital
Extinction according is not quite final
So pour your indulgence into our labor
Our love for you hath not yet wavered
We understand your present interest
And half-admire your human finish
Flawed, well flawed is universal
The moral all contains some hurtful
Though who can see tomorrow's path
Gaia she e'er keeps stocks of wrath