Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Grinding

Something upon the horizon yet
A speck, a fleck, not divided yet
A stone, a stone I lifted it
Torqued and ached and shifted it
All day beneath the golden coin
And spent for 'morrow tender loins
Monotony may now define me
And perhaps us all by diviner timing
Say where has my thesaurus gone
The rest of it hath trampled on
By force, by force not all mine own
'Tis but the balance borne alone
Hidden well's the quarry sought
And happy trails palates but brought
I've never quite imbibed the thrills
Of common fools and famous quills
Who grayed the shades of possible
When conjured here they're volatile
Upon my back just quanta mount
And all of you they slowly count
Go pray, oh pray there's no reverse
The ballad read's reduced to terse
So azure shed a god's repast
Before I trip to lie at last

Friday, April 10, 2015

To A Red Dressed Lady

Wounded young, you bled slow
Drugs they'd stanch the flow
For moments, frozen and ephemeral
And every phony mineral
Has its cost, has its play
Helps style the fade for fading 'way
Damaged children, elder trials
Now naught's complete on thy gray isle
All which fills filled you to half
The world removed yet in your path
A harsh reminder of human relations
And what related solely latent
So you caged yourself in shadows
Safe from social arrows
And lashing tongues
And mouths that sung
Songs of youthful tremors
That only you remember
Wounded young, you bled slow
And out you went, we watched you go
A supple mind, a gaunter figure
Remote and ashen, warning timber
In gossamer whispers by tenderer sadness
A sense not quite at ease with gladness
A soul that never matured to comfort
With a coarser being, so one went under
A duel, by rule, rules who'll exist
Some things can not both grace god's list
And as in eras long ago
Have doctors bled their cursed foes
Oh, shattered hearts and faceted sand
Distort to nix the honest scan
B'cause in the end you were your own
Began like every ill at home
And all the cotton gauze they bought
'Twas only but a passing thought
'nd though briefly did it halt the flow
Still out you went, we watched you go

Monday, April 6, 2015

Stores Of Wrath

Poseidon, Zeus, Helios, Apollo
'round the circle jerk they swallow
Anything and everything discarded
Following the trail of the retarded
Pray who worships who it ain't that clear
Aye, who's the fucking kaffir here
Any toxins you might need dissolved
Our designs brothels for what might need resolved
Offload on us all of your excesses
Our industry always much impresses
Though know that what's unknown's a venial sin
But it's not so for shameful discipline
Modern man he knows not temperance
Believes science can govern comeuppance
In labs and piles of prismatic pills
In ingenious minds and endless wills
He'll turn a pool of filth to vital
Extinction according is not quite final
So pour your indulgence into our labor
Our love for you hath not yet wavered
We understand your present interest
And half-admire your human finish
Flawed, well flawed is universal
The moral all contains some hurtful
Though who can see tomorrow's path
Gaia she e'er keeps stocks of wrath

Saturday, April 4, 2015

More To Better

The law replaced the social fabric
By tyrants' means and con men's magic
And experts developed the well
But drained the trust bedding the dell
'nd automatons build our devices
But where are those that cure our vices
'nd if stolid cement should scrape the sky 'til
Its vaunted vaults are scoured to nihil
If every need should meet its service
Yet only sink further the thirstiest
What's the sense interring hardship
If love and faith must die the hardest
The world around may be the better
But is it when the kind's the lesser

Friday, April 3, 2015


Clarity, confoundment
How astounding
Relieve, bereave
To found the founding
Graph oscillation
The long duration
You'll never leave
The half elation
Oh man's consistent
Like thee, persistent
By past command
The soul's a prison '
So pray for breaking
Beyond the aching
The gentle hand
Works but for faking

Friday, March 20, 2015

Isn't It Lonely

Isn't it lonely
Girded by herds
Of cattle, average and homely
Isn't it lonely
And aren't we only
Darkness and words
Isn't it lonely
Now that the dream's a bit b'yond the deferred

Isn't it lonely
Surrounded by logos and mottos
A lost soul bowling
Yes, isn't it lonely
When you play the pins 'nd are left folding
Before more organized crime's monopolized lottos
Isn't it lonely
As puppets in Plato's grotto

Oh, isn't it lonely
When there's more in the body
Of material things than holy
Well, isn't it lonely
The parasites drink you stealthily, coldly
The smiley, owned newsman slipped in and got thee
Yes, isn't it lonely
When the comics are more curious, honest and godly

Isn't it lonely
That the jokes hold more
Than debates we're holding
Isn't it lonely
When even the tags on your leaders are phony
There's more genuine on the block in the whores
And isn't it lonely
Still believing in cultural and countrywide cures

Isn't it lonely
That the simplest part they can't seem to repair
With all of their wealth, feigned outrage, filth and gloating
Well, isn't it lonely
Rusting and aging and bony
America, the almost fair
Isn't it lonely, oh so lonely
The stench of decay hovering low in the air

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

So, So Alive

Up the boulevard spring rushes
A cool but warmer stream bearing discarded papers
That skip and flit in the wind
Scraps, junk searching, longing confusedly in an ocean of soot
Currents, convection, motion defines it
Like the oceans that nustle the continent
Every continent
So little's still pristine
But then, no mother ever was
Employment is absent
There is time, there is time
Repose for a moment, reflect
Breathe in the winds of change
Exhale yesteryear, with its miseries and hardships
There will be more, but relinquish them now temporarily
You are one with time, walking forward
Like the tramp up the block, by the railroad crossing
Which long ago brought masses here
Before the mass was hollowed
With the culture
But momentum's now the word
Dense once again
Filled to the brim with emotion and pensivity
Love and the like they're yours
Tomorrow means promise
Past the poverty here, the decay
And the rules of a system
Uncaring, unbending
About as generous as it used to be
Into a space unknown
The nebula of human accomplishment
Something from it surely
Touch that oaked face
Rub your hands over its barken scruff
Contemplate the joys, the difficulties
The puzzles, their solutions
Lick thy lips
Another coarse scoured surface to scrutinize
Like any soul in the world
Physically worn, chemically transformed, yet somehow improved
By existence
This is truth
You are here, you are now
You are human
This is life, and you're alive
So, so alive