Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Save the oceans, save the air
Surely risk's not all despair
How is faith a noble mission
When choice 'xists 'twixt data 'nd religion
Today each mind's its own messiah
Beyond the way of century's prior
Where humility and delegation
Served this kind of lame creation
Not to say 'tis science fiction
But the weight's in what and not prescription
Ironic that their own emitting
Discomfits all, it's all unfitting
Fills the skies with volatile gases
'nd a well marketed spell that never passes
Yet they hardly yield a thing that 'grees
Can we claim this of their nemeses

Friday, August 28, 2015

The Splendid Slumber

Sleep is an ocean and I be its weed
Drifting and heaving and serving a need

Saturday, August 1, 2015

An American Uprising

Severed from the tribe
Howling all the way
Instinct well defied
Damn man's foul delusions
Where's democracy's say
Suppressed from deep intrusion

The massacres they lay out
Never find expression
Madness coats their scapegoat
Fuck oligarchic laws
This is my confession
Nail me to the cross

The answers are the problem
Society's the symptom
There's no batman in Gotham
Yeah you're the damned disease
Thy mangled Marxist mission
Whose soul's it ever freed

The state is waxing manic
By films on films of fungus
Through rules and memes tyrannic
And new terms to serve itself
Ram and rape and tongue us
Unequal lords of wit and wealth

It's crushing to the psyche
The collective cult's despicable
To be loved love all unlike me
The tribal anti-racists
Have 'massed the mass so critical
'nd by conceit stirred the ancient

And now the heart is beating
The lies of half a century
Are clearer in the meeting
Of minds by state religion
And priests coercing tempting
Once nailed into position

Of falsehood and of shame
By history's revisions
And prejudice the same
As was to be corrected
Censoring blacklisting
They banished who objected

But listen to the cauldron
Rumbling from within
A people's heart is boiling
The soul up from the ground
Oh, try to choke the din
Amplify the rebound

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Immaterial Material Sustenance

The maligned rich earth could not buy water
So it guzzled to swell when it came
As the bairn takes the teat of its mother
Or a lover removed from the same
At his root man's a lamb of the forest
And the truth is my only hydration
So if the world should be cracked by my avarice
Or in fits fall by my satiation
I'll yield not a tear for its suffering
If the god in my heart still is wondering

Sunday, July 12, 2015


The open ocean has a thousand faces
Fresh and fair, salty and spacious
And hints at freedoms long forgotten
Passions deep mankind drifts not in
Beyond the wretched social mooring
Judgment's beams, 'nd false belief's flooring
The tides and crests are both more stable
The callous beasts out here more able
Than the shifting earth 'neath civilization
And the cheaper instinct in inspiration
But reeled back in are bipeds always
To a natural state, defined by malaise
From gray-blue seas where the id is roiled
And each ounce earned's by humble toil
And nothing's by crude speculation
Or exploitation of like creation
So cast your lines long past their reach
There's more to life than stuffy speech

Friday, June 19, 2015

Going Of Age

A steady hum of silence
A pining still for violence
For thrills and thralls
For gibes and calls
And youthful men's defiance

The drumbeat is dejecting
Though who around's defecting
The numbing ages
The center pages
The forced, sterile inspecting

You never know the feeling
Until the years are peeling
And you're the fruit
Though far less cute
And healthful than the real thing

By the pace of natural
Dryer than the chaparral
Reticence clear
It's endemic here
Where tedium's a hassle

And only does it deepen
As obligations creep in
They drag on time
The plan's a crime
B't some thefts are for the keeping

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Summer Slog

I claimed once boredom was an idle mind
But in retrospect was it quite maligned
And cultures grow in the stillest dish
Like a mind declines out a fish to fish
The tropic waves they drift in slow
And suppress the head and addle the soul
Split the spry, creative force
From pious work, damn the divorce
For the septic rage accreting now
In compulsions cache, or the folding brow
And by the fall the barren heap
Shall gain no more but earn the sleep